Ron Bradford - 

Ron is a true professional salesman. He joined Sig at the agency just a year after it's founding and they've worked closely together ever since.  Ron has an effervescent personality and is actively involved in industry organizations.  

Siegfried Schmalhofer - 

Sig is the founder and responsible for building Signature's foundation of hard work, integrity and bulldogged dedication to succeed. Factories look to him for market guidance, customers use him as an industry consultant, and to his employees he is a teacher. 


Nick Schmalhofer - 

Nick was destined to be the President of Signature. He has a degree in small business administration, is a numbers whiz, driven by an insatiable appetite for competition and is incredibly ambitious. His leadership has catapulted him to a position where customers, factories and employees are drawn to him.

Jeremy Crane - 

As Signature's Sales Manager, Jeremy is known for selling big jobs with a hands-on approach. He got his start with the company as an outside salesman in the Las Vegas market. His confidence and technical aptitude allows him to smartly engineer Signature products into projects.  

Katie Hubach - 

With a degree in accounting, Katie got her start as a CPA.  Now she's an ace sales professional whose specialty is commercial contractors, engineers and technical products. Katie is quick to accept any and all challenges. She is without doubt, the "new" glue that holds everything together, following in her mom's footsteps.